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  • Melania van Hümmel, head of online marketing and controlling, bonprix Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

    "Product listing ads increased our conversion rate by 30%, far exceeding our expectations.“


    bonprix is one of Germany’s top ten mail order retailers, with an online shop offering some 30,000 products. We’ve handled their Internet marketing for many years, and in 2011 they asked us to improve the performance of this extensive range and increase their conversion rate.


    In November of that year, we began a Google product listing ads campaign. The ads, comprising information such as colour, size and price and accompanied by photographs, appear when a user makes a relevant search. Used in combination with AdWords, they are more likely to catch the user’s eye and result in a purchase.


    The campaign, which took up only four per cent of the bonprix SEM budget and had the same average cost per click, achieved a 50 per cent better click-through rate. We also increased the conversion rate by 30 per cent compared to traditional AdWords advertising.

  • Stefanie Nordemann, senior team head e-commerce, Cortal Consors S.A.

    "Thanks to’s AdMob campaign, we increased the download rate of our iPhone app by over 20 per cent.“


    Cortal Consors is one of Europe’s leading direct banks and was one of the first to launch mobile banking services, in the form of an award-winning iPhone app. In 2011, they commissioned us to increase the app’s download rate while optimising their use of the available budget.


    Working closely with the client, we ran a highly effective AdMob campaign. The initial cost per click was relatively high, but continuous performance monitoring and a series of optimisation measures reduced it substantially.


    We significantly increased the campaign’s reach: in five weeks, it achieved over 191,000 clicks and more than 20.2 million impressions, with an average click-through of one per cent. The number of iPhone app downloads increased by 20 per cent.

  • Tobias Proksch, manager online marketing, Yves Rocher GmbH

    "Our shopping basket views increased by 112 per cent. The result speaks for itself – and for’s landing page optimisation.“


    Yves Rocher is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plant-based cosmetics, with 700 products covering all areas of beauty care. They asked us to redesign the landing page for a weight-loss nutritional supplement.


    We began with a detailed analysis of the original site, and optimised the information fields on the landing page. We added more product details, gave it greater emotional appeal, and tested the conversion rates of six different Buy buttons.


    Our landing page optimisation increased basket views by 79 per cent, and our testing identified a button that boosted this figure by a further 33 per cent, giving a total increase of 112 per cent. This sales growth reduced the cost per order by 34 per cent.

  • Melania van Hümmel, head of online marketing and controlling, bonprix Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

    " helped us to segment our Facebook target groups with a high degree of precision, and substantially increased our online sales.“


    With nine million customers, bonprix is one of Germany’s top ten most popular retailers, and has been active on Facebook since 2008. In 2010, they asked us to manage a targeted Facebook advertising campaign to increase traffic and online sales.


    We segmented users based on voluntary profile data, keywords and Likes, and then targeted them with Facebook ads accordingly. We also carried out continuous analysis of user behaviour, and gradually optimised the cost effectiveness and appeal of each ad.


    By segmenting users and targeting ads accordingly, we were able to able to identify a number of new sales trends. Most importantly, we significantly increased the client’s online sales by addressing potential customers before they expressed an intention to purchase.


  • Goetz Trillhaas, Head of Agency Business Development bei Google
    “ is one of Google's most important agency partners worldwide. delivers excellent results to their clients, is 100% transparent and all client facing account managers are Google certified. In terms of technical sophistication is class leading in Europe. We are very happy that Google and work in close collaboration across all levels.”

    Google is the by far the biggest and best known search engine in the world. We have been working closely with our friends at Google in many section of the world for over 10 years now, and it keeps getting better. 

  • F. Scott Woods, Commercial Director at Facebook
    “ was one of the first agencies in Germany to realize the potential of the Facebook platform for their clients and our First Marketing API Partner in Germany. We value the partnership we have built and the insights they feed back to us based on the variety of international campaigns they run on the Facebook platform.”

    Facebook has more than a billion ‘friends’, but we are one of their best buddies. As one of the first agencies to utilise the Facebook API we have managed successful Facebook campaigns for our clients since 2009.

  • Frank Herold, Director Sales at Yahoo! Germany
    “ continue to impress us with their marketing know-how and technical capabilities as well as their mix of client service orientation and solid market knowledge”.

    How can we express a successful partnership as succinctly as possible? Easy: “Yahoo! and Hurra!”. For more than 10 years we have been utilising everything that Yahoo! has to offer in the optimisation of our clients’ marketing mix.

  • Lutz Vorneweg, Director CESE at Amadeus
    “Amadeus has selected as a global online marketing agency partner to provide online marketing services to our most important international clients. We are im-pressed with's relevant understanding of the travel sector and their ability to provide client focussed services across a wide spectrum of international markets.“

    Amadeus is the leading global provider of IT solutions for the travel industry. We have been working in close partnership with Amadeus for a number of years now, supporting a growing number of important travel clients with travel focussed online marketing services.


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