Made in Design

Increased revenue with Shopping Ads in SEMPro™

“™ has helped to significantly increase Made In Design's revenue while maintaining a tight budget. Since mid-2016, Made In Design has been more visible than ever, thanks to the strategic expertise and professional compitence of the Hurra™ team.”

Sandrine Chaussat, Country Manager (D) at Made In Design

Increased revenue with Shopping Ads in SEMPro™

Founded in 1999 by Catherine Colin, Made In Design has quickly become one of Europe's leading online home design brands. Made In Design products range from designer furniture, decorative items, and home accessories, to kitchen accessories and garden furniture. In total they stock, more than 300 designer brands with more than 45,000 items, including well known international designers such as Kartell, Zeus, Tom Dixon, Magis or Fritz Hansen, who’s products can often be found in the online store. Since 2012,™ has been responsible for the online campaign management of Made in Design’s shopping channel.

Targets 2016/2017

  • Generate higher revenue with the same budget via Google Shopping Ads
  • Improve cost-to-sales ratio (CSR)

The original structure of Made in Design shopping campaigns reflected the importance of many high-quality brands in the range. However, this resulted in a large an cumbersome account structure that included up to 16 brand-specific shopping campaigns, a top seller campaign and two generic campaigns. This made it hard to manage and we spent a lot of time on repetitive tasks like bid adjustments and updating the campaigns. 

The Solution
Fully automatic management by SEMPro™:

  • Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Bidding at product ID level
  • Increasing efficiency

Improving the product feed quality:

  • Analysis and optimisation of titles, prices, image sizes etc.
  • Using Google Keyword Reports, Google Trends, and DFOPro™ ('s data feed management tool)

After only two months, the new campaign structure had already made an impact: From Q1 to Q2 2016 sales increased by 19% and revenue by 8% while the CPO improved. This success continued in Q3: Year-on-year, sales increased by 98% and revenue by 76% and Q4 YoY sales were up 157% and revenue 128%. New CSR targets were exceeded and CPO was down 40%. 

With a streamlined feed, the Hurra™ shopping team was able to increase the performance and visibility of the shopping campaigns while at the same time reducing cost-per-click (CPC). In Q3 and Q4, CPC decreased YoY by 30% and 22% respectively. The improved performance continued in 2017: In Q1 / 2017, YoY sales again increased by 132% revenue by 129%. Following on from the success in Google Shopping, in February 2017 Bing Shopping campaigns were also implemented.