Measurable success with TV tracking

“Reports generated by the TV Tracking tool created by have given us vital information and let us objectively evaluate the results of our marketing campaigns. Conclusions drawn on the basis of these reports will enable us to effectively plan our future TV campaigns and optimally use our marketing campaigns budget.”

Wojciech Topolewski, Head of Marketing, S.A.

We have been selling tyres online since 2001, and are are the tyre-market leaders in Poland. We also have online stores in 11 European countries and 2 outside Europe. In 2015 the total revenue generated by our store amounted to more than 400 million Polish zloty (around 100 million euro). The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007.

In wanting to increase our market share, we decided to go ahead with a TV advertising campaign during a critical period for the business, when motorists change their seasonal tyres from winter to summer sets. The campaign was undertaken between 15 March and 11 April and saw over 4,000 advert broadcasts on over 50 Polish-language TV stations.

In order to attain a reliable measurement on the effectiveness of the campaign we used the TV Tracking tool provided by The system is an innovative tool which allows for the measurement of the impact of TV adverts on internet site traffic. The tool tracks TV advert broadcasts in real time on over 200 channels across Europe while simultaneously tracking site traffic. This exceptionally precise time measurement allows for the correlation of advert broadcasts with site traffic, which in turn allows for an exact measurement of the impact a TV advert has on user interest in the internet site. What’s more, the measurement reports are made available just minutes after the advert in question has been broadcast.

This tool is incomparably faster than traditional measurements, as the immediate information on the effects of the campaign allow for the speedy identification of ineffective broadcasts. In the case of long-term campaign planning, the tool makes it easier to make modifications to the media plan in order to avoid broadcasts on channels and periods during the day which are deemed less effective.

The result of the measurement is an in-depth report which analyses the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of a number of factors, including the TV channel, broadcast time or TV show during which the advert is broadcast. In integrating these factors with the data of broadcast costs of specific adverts, it is possible to calculate the cost of attracting individual users to the site for each ad broadcast. Such calculations were impossible to execute up until now. The data delivered by the TV Tracking system allowed for the verification of the media plan’s initial expectations and for improved broadcast planning for future campaigns. Additionally, the independent advert detection system allowed us to verify the broadcast reports which were delivered by the agency which planned the campaign.