Instagram Brand Awareness Campaign


Last month we set out on a special mission. We wanted to advertise our own services on Instagram with a selection of ads for around 2 weeks. Our goals were simple:

  1. Increase brand awareness of our Instagram services, reaching out to new potential customers
  2. Create learning for the art of successfully advertising on Instagram.

The ads were online for 11 days with some interesting results, which we have shared here.



Reach: 47.028

Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM): 4.79 €

Click-Through-Rate (CTR): 1.42 %

Cost per click (CPC): 0.34 €

Website clicks: 874


Learning and Instagram Tips

All of our ads received the highest interaction rates from the 18-35 year old Instagram users. This target audience seem to be easy to reach out to, which is reflected in the relatively low cost per click prices.

  • Companies and brands can effectively reach a younger audience via Instagram.

Obviously one of our ads was very attractive for a part of our targeted audience, namely young males. At one point we only paid 0.16 € for website clicks to this creative although it is questionable just how relevant this traffic was despite its low cost.

  • Ensure that Instagram ads are not only high quality and good looking but that they are relevant to the target audience for the "right" reasons.

In order to be successful with advertising videos on Instagram one should consider a couple of things. It is critical to capture the audience’s attention as quickly as possible. Based on our experience and best practices we suggest the following recommendations:

  • The cover picture as well as the first two seconds of an Instagram advertising videos have to immediately be relevant and interesting for the targeted audience.



Companies and brands can utilise Instagram to increase brand awareness and communicate their brand identity (branding). Instagram is particularly effective for a younger audience, which can be reached using the free photo- and video sharing app. Instagram still has to prove itself as a performance marketing channel, this may well be the subject of our next experiment. So far nearly all of the best practice guides use “Lift in Ad Recall” as the measure for a successful campaign (see e.g. Instagram could also be particularly interesting for customers, whose goal it is to get App downloadsor installs.

If you want to know how your company can profit from Instagram as well, feel free to contact us using the form.