Programmatic Video Advertising

A video speaks volumes

Time to take programmatic advertising to a new level! With advertising formats such as YouTube’s skippable TrueView ads, your almost guaranteed to get people’s attention – connect this with reaching the right audience and you’re on to a winner! Even better: You pay per view rather than impression. This means you can discover who is interested in your products and save budget in the process of finding out.



Everyone wins: Targeting options deliver relevant ads to your audience, and you only pay when the video is watched.

TV Sync

Our tip for a successful online marketing strategy? Cross-medium-marketing! Sync your web ads with your TV ads for a rounded ad campaign. Hello efficiency!

YouTube Intent

Put the latest digital innovations to work, like utilising intent audiences built based on search behaviour to better target your YouTube ads.

Strengthen your brand’s online presence

Effective video advertising

Target people that have an intent to convert. Thanks to advanced targeting we can help you adapt your video advertising based on people’s search behaviour and deliver your message to the right audience.

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Core value #10: Do something for everybody

If you work at Hurra™, you think about other people, society and the environment. Think about how to improve things around you and make the world a better place. Suggestions for improvements? Work for good causes? That’s typical Hurra™.

What our employees say

“I grew up with Hurra™; here I learnt to work with our clients as an integral part of their marketing department, and make the most of the professional and human skills I had the opportunity to build during these years of collaborating with remarkable persons.“

Romain Vega, Senior Consultant (Office Paris)

Core value #2: Be trustworthy and respectful

Here, trust is the basis for mutual respect. Here, we communicate openly. Honesty is the way forward here – honestly. Be loyal! Be Hurra™!

Our services

  • Conception of a tailored programmatic video strategy
  • Campaign analysis and optimisation
  • Retargeting setup
  • Creation of a cross-channel touchpoint strategy (e.g. retargeting viewers of a YouTube ad with display or social banners)

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