Use your TV reach

TV Sync campaigns

Are you also a second-screener, using a second device like a tablet or smartphone while watching TV? You can be sure many of your potential customers are! That’s why it makes sense to run a TV-Sync-campaign and activate or push your online ads as your TV ad is being aired.


Cross device storytelling from a single source

Promote your brand with a consistent message across all devices.

Measurable results

Measure your uplift using our clever technology and get insight in to the efficiency of your TV investment, allowing you to make data driven decisions.

Joined-up messaging

Take advantage of the latest digital marketing tech and create the right message for each device on every screen.

Stronger together

Cross-medium marketing for better performance

TV advertising is effective. Online marketing too. What would happen if you combined both? Imagine if a viewers' mobile device were able to recognise a commercial on TV and then immediately activate the associated online campaign - exactly when the user may want to know more about the product. Pretty clever, right?

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Core value #3: Be a team player

Here, you are a role model in the group and look after others. Lead and listen. That’s how the team becomes the key to success. That’s the only way to be Hurra™.

What our employees say

“What I particularly like about Hurra™ is its broad expertise across all disciplines. If you have an idea, there is always a colleague with whom you can quickly implement it. There are no limits to creativity.”

Andreas Nowak,  Strategic Consultant (SEA/SEO) (Office Stuttgart)

Analysis – made in Germany

Three floors, 10+ offices, fresh fruit, water and a coffee flat-rate, and plenty of smart minds full of creative ideas! Our analysts and consultants are quick to react and are experts at working efficiently and effectively for our clients.

Our services

  • Conception and management of your TV-Sync-strategy
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns
  • 360° approach. Benefit from our extensive know-how in paid search, social media, and digital marketing technologies
  • Creation of advertising material, including integrating your TV ads in to HTML5 banners
  • Planning and implementation of retargeting measures to increase conversions

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