OMR Festival 2019 – Between scandal rappers and industry gurus


His books have been sold millions of times and even Barack Obama or Bill Gates recommend his work. Yuval Noah Harari is regarded as one of the world's leading thinkers of our time and was now live on stage at the OMR Festival on May 8, 2019.

One of the main themes at OMR 2019 was "Provocation & Urinstincts". The visitors received an impressive demonstration of how (analogous to the 7 deadly sins) the basic instincts of man can be used for provocation in marketing and how they become more and more important in order to attract attention. For example, the "excess" was shown using the example of the Hamburg rapper "Bonez MC", who generates up to 120,000,000 total impressions per week in his target group by bluntly posting 50-100 stories a day. It is probably clear to everyone that this is not "quality content", but that is exactly what makes the character of the rappers so appealing: Raw, direct and excessive – and that loves its target group and continues to consume diligently. The advertising campaign by Katjes was also demonstrated as an example, which experienced various negative reactions in the relevant media through the use of a Muslima as an advertising testimonial (visual support for the renunciation of pig gelatine, or animal gelatine in general), but intensified its own point of view even more in its own target group through provocation.

One of the biggest highlights among the personalities at OMR 2019, which included personalities such as Joko Winterscheidt, Tim Mälzer, Udo Lindenberg, Hamburg Mayor Tschentscher, was undoubtedly the bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, who has sometimes called himself "technophobic". In his lecture on stage at the OMR Festival, Harari impressively spoke of the future and the power of artificial intelligence and algorithms that Google would know you better than your spouse.

This year's OMR Festival in Hamburg was once again a superlative event. For a long time the OMR has been looking for its peers and yet remains the unbeaten number 1 in the DACH Region. The sheer incomprehensible variety of topics and possibilities that the OMR offers insiders from the industry hardly fit into a single blog article. We therefore agree that one should simply experience it for oneself. The next OMR Festival will take place on 12 and 13 May 2020 – we are already excited!