Differentiated assignment

OWAPro™ Attribution

Our statisticians and analysts develop a dynamic and data-driven attribution model for you that allows individual evaluation of each touchpoint within the customer journey.

Custom model

Every brand and every website is different. That's why we create an attribution model tailored to your needs and your users’ behaviour.

Strategic planning

We live and breathe online marketing. We look forward to working with you and creating the right strategy for your success.

Knowledge is money

Know the value of each touchpoint so you can spend your budgets more effectively.

OWAPro™ Attribution

Once upon a time there was a poor campaign that longed to be more highly valued

In the fairy tale, Cinderella is sorely neglected. In online marketing, some touchpoints are also neglected and although they have contributed to the conversion they often don’t get recognised for their true value. With our attribution model there is a happy ending for every touchpoint – and for you, because now you know exactly how effective each of your channels are. This way you can better allocate your budget and perhaps discover a hidden beauty!

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Success stories

“After implementing automated bidding, conversions increased 19% while CPAs declined by 7%. Mobile conversions increased 12%.”

Christoph Raue, Head of Marketing at Creditplus

Our services

  • Comprehensive and competent consulting
  • Set up of OWAPro™ Attribution
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas
  • Conception, creation and optimisation of your individual attribution model
  • Coordinated technology
  • 360° approach. Benefit from our extensive know-how in search engine marketing, social media and online marketing technologies

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