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OWAPro™ Consent Management

We take privacy seriously at Hurra™ - and with our consent banner templates we make sure that your ads comply. The now obligatory banners are automatically overlaid when the site is loaded and requests consent to accept your data protection policy according to the current law. The format of the banner (as a pop-up window or as a header or foot bar) is up to you.

Easy creation

Our templates and intuitive interface make it easy to set up a consent banner for your website.

Customised solutions

As OWAPro™ is controlled and developed by Hurra engineers, we can implement individual solutions for you that comply with your local laws.

Technical support

Our support team are friendly bunch and are available to support you with your OWAPro™ questions.

GDPR made easy

What's in it for me?

When you use OWAPro™ you can be sure you not only have a privacy-compliant tag management solution, but also powerful and intuitive technology. OWAPro™ ensures you only collect and manage user data with prior consent. You can also easily manage tags yourself without the need for your IT support or technical expertise. By the way: Our software ensures that the loading time of your homepage is unaffected by the tracking installation. Speed ​​is king in online marketing!

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Here, we take responsibility for our actions and like taking the initiative. Here, you can be the boss and an employee at the same time. You have no time for excuses? Excellent! Be Hurra™!

What our employees say

“Being close to partners like Google, and the breadth of in-house disciplines puts it at the forefront of the digital marketing evolution. This benefits not only our customers, but also our employees.”

Jenny Jakob, Senior Consultant (SEA/Datafeed)

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If you work at Hurra, you think about other people, society and the environment. Think about how to improve things around you and make the world a better place. Suggestions for improvements? Work for good causes? That’s typical Hurra™!

Our services

  • Comprehensive and competent advice on the best technical solution for you
  • Setup of GDPR compliant OWAPro™ Tag Manager
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas
  • Technical support

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