Understandable and dynamic

OWAPro™ Tag Manager

Define which tracking rules should be fired, when, and with which parameters without needing to know any programming languages.  No Computer Science degree required!


Maintain an overview

The Tag Manager helps you to manage pixels across multiple channels and to control your campaigns in a more targeted manner.

Consent Management

All pixels are compliant to data protection laws: Tracking tags are fired only with the consent of your site’s visitors and this can be withdrawn at any time.

Solid solutions

No need to worry about long loading times. We constantly monitor the load time of your tags, ensuring your site never loads too slowly.

Transparent tracking

Each stage of the customer journey can be precisely assigned thanks to functions such as cookie freezing.

Stress-free management

Easy integration, efficient administration, and dynamic marketing - what more could you ask for?

OWAPro™ Tag Manager

The ultimate tracking lifehack

To keep track of all the different tracking tags, pixels and web beacons that are necessary for successful online marketing you need organisational talent, time and patience – and, preferably a lot of each. The alternative: OWAPro™. The sophisticated tag management tool makes it easy to implement and manage your tags. Curious? Then let’s discuss organising your tags and improving your data quality.

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What our employees say

“Working at Hurra™ has given me such an exciting professional life and ongoing learning in online marketing. The agencies international orientation provides great insight into the latest market and technology developments from around the world. The variety of partnerships and customers offers a wide range of opportunities to implement new ideas quickly and effectively.”

Igor Fedorchak, Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Our services

  • Comprehensive and competent advice on your individual software solutions
  • Set up of the OWAPro™ Tag Manager
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas
  • Setting up, analysis and optimisation of your campaigns
  • The hurra.com 360° Approach: Benefit from our extensive know-how in all areas of online marketing
  • Privacy compliant tracking

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