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OWAPro™ TV Tracking

Extend TV advertising by showing related ads online and discover how your online performance is influenced by TV. OWAPro™ TV Tracking measures peoples search behaviour, combining this data with the exact broadcast times of your commercial to deliver unrivalled insight into the success of your cross-media campaigns.


Ad Detection

Know exactly when you or your competitor’s ads are being aired! Based on audio signals, we track TV advertising in real time and not based on the original media plans, which often change or aren’t 100% followed.

Boost your visibility

With our TV Ad Detection Trigger you can extend your advertising message on to numerous online platforms. This repeat exposure ensures your brand attracts the most possible attention - great for your KPIs!

Measurable success

We accurately calculate the impact of TV advertising on your online presence and produce clear and accurate reports.

OWAPro™ TV Tracking

Track dual-screeners

What do most TV viewers have in common? They are not just watching TV – they are most likely also using a tablet, smartphone or laptop. What does that mean for your advertising efforts? You need cross-medium and cross-channel marketing. The big question is: What influence does a TV commercial have on the search behaviour of internet users? This can be answered with OWAPro™ TV Tracking from™. Let us show you how to best use this new technology to gauge and improve your performance.

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Success stories

„Reports generated by the TV Tracking tool created by™ have given us vital information and let us objectively evaluate the results of our marketing campaigns. Conclusions drawn on the basis of these reports will enable us to effectively plan our future TV campaigns and optimally use our marketing campaigns budget.“

Wojciech Topolewski, S.A.

Our services

  • Comprehensive and competent advice for your individual tech solution
  • Set up of OWAPro™
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas
  • Conception and management of TV tracking strategies
  • Evaluation and optimisation of your campaigns
  • 360° approach. Benefit from our extensive know-how in the fields of search engine marketing, social media marketing and online marketing technologies

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