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Could Sherlock Holmes have solved his cases without Dr. Watson? Would Luke Skywalker have been able to save the galaxy alone? Great stories tell it well: With the right partners you can achieve almost anything. At Hurra™, we partner with Google and Bing to complement our skills with their expertise and leading marketing tools. The various awards and certifications we’re received in return shows well that the feeling is mutual.

Microsoft Advertising Elite Agency Partner
Google Premier Partner
Facebook Business Partner
adjust Certified Solutions Partner
IAB TFC Registered Vendor

“hurra.com™ is an important Bing Ads marketing partner for Microsoft. They understand how to get the best out of our services with their well-founded technological skills and deep understanding of their customers.”

Carsten Rauh, Director of Search Advertising, Strategic Sales Germany at Microsoft Germany

“hurra.com™ is one of Google's premier partner agencies worldwide and clearly one of the leaders in Europe in terms of technical sophistication.”

Goetz Trillhaas, Head of Agency Business Development at Google

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