Long-term optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get noticed at the top of the search listings! Trust us to deliver a strategy that promises long-term success while respecting Google's policies. Cleverly tap in to search queries being used by your potential customers and own the search engine results page!

SEO Audit

We deep-dive in to the details of your site to create a strategy that will leave your competitors wondering where their traffic has gone.

SEO Optimisation

Link analysis, keyword strategy, usability, content, and so much more: We leave no stone unturned in turning your site in to a top-ranking destination!

SEO Consulting

Want to implement SEO yourself? Great! We will work as your SEO guide, helping when and where you need it to achieve the best possible rankings.

SEO with hurra.com

Keyword Strategy

How can you ensure that people will find your site? What makes yours different to the millions out there? Talk about a needle in a haystack! And when people do find you, then what? Many questions, one answer: a sophisticated SEO strategy that takes all relevant factors in to account, not only bringing potential customers to your site, but also to keeping them there and ultimately leading them to a conversion. Do you need help to develop a data-driven, effective keyword strategy tailored to your goals? Want to make your homepage more user-friendly? Let’s talk!

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Core value #1: Think positive

Hurra™ is about taking pleasure in what you do. It’s about liking work and having a positive attitude on life. And infecting others with your friendliness. That’s what the word Hurra is all about. Be focused! Be Hurra™!

Our services

  • SEO concept
  • Detailed SEO relevant analysis your site
  • Consulting on and technical support for a launch/relaunch of your site
  • Implementation of market leading SEO technology
  • Ongoing SEO support

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