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In the heart of Facebook

Interactive, innovative and creative: With Facebook ads you’re always up to date and able to reach your target audience. Thanks to likes and comments, you know exactly who is showing interested your Facebook Ads - and your brand.

Known and loved

Increase your brand awareness through Facebook marketing and positively shape your online reputation.

Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Easily build relevant audiences and gain insight in to what your potential customers want and love.

Everyone’s a winner

Win-win: Users get to see what they are interested in, you increase your reach and grow your brand.

Efficient Facebook Marketing

How to commoditise your social footprint

As your social media partner we design, implement and optimise your Facebook advertising - individually tailored to your brand, your products and services, and in line with your online strategy. Let us increase your brand awareness, optimise your online reputation, spread your message, actively communicate with potential customers, and increase your sales in the long term. With creative Facebook campaigns you can win, surprise and inspire customers.

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Core value #1: Think positive

Hurra™ is about taking pleasure in what you do. It’s about liking work and having a positive attitude on life. And infecting others with your friendliness. That’s what the word Hurra™ is all about. Be focused! Be Hurra™!

Our services

  • Strategic conception and planning
  • Setup and campaign management
  • Optimisation based on tech-based analysis
  • Reporting and strategic consulting

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