The world in 280 characters

Advertising on Twitter

Short but sweet. It’s amazing what can be tweeted, tagged and reshared in so few characters! Thanks to detailed targeting, Twitter Ads can quickly reach the relevant target audience for your brand.

Relevant messaging

Location, interests, gender, age? Thanks to multiple targeting options, you can reach your relevant target audience.

Unique environment

Twitter is different to other social networks, with its unique combination of news, business, opinions and fun!

Compact and high performance

Thanks to our individually tailored and optimised Twitter advertising strategies you’ll generate interest and results with just 280 characters!

Relevance varies from person to person

Targeted and effective ads on Twitter

Some birds eat worms, others eat berries. What does that tell us? That the even the best products won’t sell when offered to the wrong audience. The solution? Exact, audience specific targeting! Our specialised technology helps us to understand exactly who is likely to be interested in your product and where to find them. Now you can get tweeting!

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Success stories

“™ has helped to significantly increase Made In Design's revenue while maintaining a tight budget.”

Sandrine Chaussat, Country Managerin (D), Made In Design

Our services

  • Strategic conception and planning
  • Implementation and management of your campaigns
  • Data driven optimisation
  • Reporting and strategic consulting
  • Full cross channel strategy

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