TUI fly launches Bing Ads

Higher click-through rate and lower costs

TUI is one of the largest tourism companies worldwide. The group includes 1,600 travel agencies, over 300 hotels with 214,000 beds, 14 cruise liners and six charter airlines with around 150 aircraft - including TUI fly based in Langenhagen, Germany. The airline sells most seats through its parent company TUI as well as through third-party tour operators. The remaining seats are sold by the airline via the TUI fly flight portal, which also offers flights from other carriers. In addition, there are partner agencies with locations in almost all TUI destinations worldwide. With this global representation, the group organises annual holiday experiences for around 20 million guests to 180 destinations around the globe. Accordingly, TUI is represented in almost every country in the world and can offer its travellers relaxation and adventure perfectly tailored to their wishes.


A global company also needs professional marketing partners. TUI fly’s main target audience is travel-loving 35- to 59-year-olds, who account for the largest proportion of sales, followed by the 60+ age group. TUI fly wanted to reach exactly these audiences, not only address the people who have shown intent towards TUI fly, but, more importantly, travel enthusiasts who had not yet decided on a particular operator but were interested in “holiday flights” or “cheap flights”. This is exactly the area where TUI Fly see Bing Ads as adding the most value.

“Among other things, the generic keywords provided us new ideas that help to expand our presence.”

Carina Reinisch, Head of Performance Marketing at TUI fly

TUI fly has worked with Bing since 2015

Since the beginning of 2015, TUI fly has been using Bing Ads as part of its search engine marketing and has since continued to expand their advertising efforts on Microsoft’s platform. The biggest improvements for were seen in the click through rates in non-brand marketing: Here, they saw an increase of an impressive 153 percent.

“Among other things, the generic keywords provided us new ideas that help to expand our presence.” comments Carina Reinisch, Head of Performance Marketing at TUI fly's flight portal. “They reach customers at a different stage of the booking process than more specific search terms, so they need to be valued differently.”

Bing Ads always aims to show ads when a thematic reference to a search query can be established. For example, anyone looking for a trip with TUI fly will not only see TUI fly in the search results, but also in the ads. Even more important are ads in non-brand marketing, too. These are search queries with generic terms such as “Holidays” or “charter flights”. If you are high on search results page here you increase your chances of driving new visitors to your website - and, of course, completing flight bookings. This approach was exactly right for TUI fly: The company achieved a number of successes with Bing Ads and their agency

Bing Ads – a guarantor of success for non-brand marketing's presence on Bing Ads improved overall CTR for non-brand campaigns by over 33 percent. In the Bing non-brand ads sector alone, sales in January 2016/2017 increased by 358 percent year-on-year and made a substantial contribution to the overall improvement of 49.3 percent in all campaigns. The excellent results were also noticeable on the spend-side with 3.62 percent lower cost per clicks (CPC) and around 42 percent lower cost per booking (CPA).

“We started with Google Ads and in 2015 added Bing Ads to our performance marketing. One of our decision criteria was that we get the same great click and conversion rates at much lower cost per clicks, “says Reinisch.” For us, that means we can buy conversions cheaper on Bing, which of course is important to us because we can maintain control of costs while launching more campaigns.”

“We can buy conversions cheaper on Bing. This is of course important because we can maintain control of costs while launching additional campaigns.”

Carina Reinisch, Head of Performance Marketing at TUI fly

Looking to the future: TUI wants to continue growing with Bing Ads

TUI fly continues to invest in performance marketing with Bing Ads. With Expanded Text Ads, Callout Extensions und Enhanced Sitelinks the flight portal will be able to promote additional information such as exact itineraries and conditions with success: “This allows us to respond even more specifically to the wishes expressed by our customers in the search terms and to make them aware of promotions and discounts,” explains Carina Reinisch in conclusion.