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Personalised and Programmatic TV

Be smart! Web enabled smart TVs are becoming standard, allowing for web-based content as well as traditional TV. Using the HbbTV standard, it’s possible to link directly between TV and Internet content (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV). This means that along with the huge reach of TV, content can be individualised to speak to specific target audiences.

Target like a pro!

Make the most of your budgets by targeting potential customers directly – made possible by defining your TV specific target audiences.

TV advertising that does more

Mass medium TV + digital marketing targeting options = target group-specific advertising placement.

Be well positioed - in real time

Combine classic TV campaigns with intelligent and digitally delivered advertising.

Individual and effective

How web-based TV advertising works

What's the difference between personalised and programmatic TV?

Personalised TV
Different households that are watching the same channel see different ads. This is Addressable TV, television advertising individually tailored to each individual household.

Programmatic Advertising
Campaigns ready, get set, go! With programmatic driven advertising your campaigns are optimised based on the latest data driven algorithms, ensuring you reach the right people at the right time

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Our services

  • Conception of an individual TV strategy
  • Set-up of your campaigns
  • Regular analysis and optimisation

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