Targeted advertising

Programmatic display

In classic marketing you need to speak to wide audience. This results in many wasted impressions and of course, wasted budget, showing many of your ads to an audience with no interest in your products or services. This is where programmatic display advertising is different. Here, you decide exactly how much each individual impression is worth to you. The result? Quite simple: you reach the people you want to see your ads and drive up conversion rates – less wasted impressions.


Focus on your target audience

With Programmatic Advertising, your banners are only shown to people that meet your audience criteria, and you decide how much they are worth to you.

Performance time

Efficiency is everything: Buy advertising inventory automatically, leaving more time to optimise your campaigns effectively.

Effective branding

Imagine making more people aware of your brand through eye-catching creative material.

Data driven

Manual ad placement was yesterday – with technology like the Google Marketing Platform, data and automation are king!

Simply successful

Be seen, get noticed

Not everyone likes everything – that’s good, it means we have a diverse and exciting environment to live in, but it’s not necessarily conducive to your online marketing strategy. Let us find the relevant audiences for your products and services and steer your display campaigns accordingly. We’ll ensure you only speak to the audiences relevant to your brand.

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What our employees say

“You quickly realise that the whole team is dedicated to the cause. An enthusiasm that instantly surprises as soon as you start with Hurra™. Fun at work and the will to succeed go hand in hand here.”

Sebastian Schulze, Online Marketing Manager (SEA/SEO) (Office Stuttgart)

Our services

  • Conception of a tailored programmatic display strategy
  • Evaluation and optimisation of your campaigns
  • Retargeting
  • Creation of effective advertising material
  • Conception of touchpoint and cross-channel campaigns

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