Dynamic, eye-catching, targeted


Million-dollar question: What do retargeting and a chameleon have in common? They both adapt to the surrounding circumstances. But while the chameleon makes every effort to merge with its surroundings, retargeting banners are designed to stand out, specifically to people that have shown intent towards your brand’s products or services.

Reminder to buy

Increase your revenue by reminding visitors to revisit your website, helping turn visitors in to customers.

Efficient budgeting

Using cleverly implemented retargeting strategies we can get the most out of your budget through efficient campaign management.

Exact tagging

We ensure that your retargeting campaigns only reach your relevant audiences, staying concise and effective.

Find the perfect match

We connect ads with people

Efficient and well-run retargeting is helpful and inconspicuous: When someone visits your site their behaviour is tracked and they can later be retargeted with specific products they’ve seen or alternatives based in their interests. Let us help you manage the complex matrix of tags and cookies required, develop a retargeting strategy that's perfectly tailored to your needs, and help you connect with your audience.

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Our services

  • Conception of effective retargeting strategies
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns to your KPIs
  • Expert consultation in all areas of online marketing as part of our 360° approach
  • Creation of dynamic, feed-based advertising media

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