On the home straight

Video retargeting

There are two types of users that you can address using video retargeting. The first are those who have already visited your website and know both your brand and product. The second are similar audiences, or, look-a-likes; they have been statistically calculated to have a similar profile to your customers so have higher conversion potential. Get the most from your videos with video retargeting!


Maximise campaign performance

Get the most of your budget and run successful campaigns with programmatic video marketing.

YouTube Intent

Someone searches Google for a loan – they start seeing relevant ads on YouTube. This is YouTube Intent: intelligent linking of search behaviour and the video platform.

Accurate control

Thanks to tags and remarketing lists we understand who you should target with your videos to get the best results.

Searching for the right people

Targeted video retargeting

Abandoned carts are not necessarily lost customers. After all, they’ve already connected with the product and are familiar with your brand. Maybe these people just need a little extra convincing. Using a retargeting campaign, you can reengage people and help dive them to complete the transaction. You can also reach out to people higher in the conversion funnel in a highly targeted way, people that match your brands main demographic, interests and more. What’s the best strategy? We’re happy to work with you to develop this together.

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