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DFOPro™ - Data Feed Optimisation

DFOPro™ not only simplifies managing feeds, but also automates your shopping campaign management keeping up with changes in the fast-paced digital marketing arena.

Time for success

Time is short; that's why we rely on automated attribution and bid adjustments, bulk changes and automatic uploads. Time is money; that's why we implement innovative and unique processes, so that we can invest it meaningfully elsewhere.

Rule-based efficiency

Despite DFOPro™ being an automated tool, we remain in control: We make the rules, the tool enforces them. This means we can intervene at any time, for example, to expedite urgent changes in price or availability.

Safe in the knowledge…

Safety first should also apply to your shopping campaigns. That's why we've incorporated several key security measures into DFOPro™. For example, if your site goes down DFOPro™ will automatically pause all your ads saving you valuable media budget.

DFOPro™ - Data Feed Optimisation

We set the right levers in motion

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” (Archimedes)

OK, so we might not go quite that far, but we are well-aware of the power of levers and DFOPro has this in common: Make a big impact with little effort – the philosophy of our DFOPro™ development team. For example, scheduled tasks can be used to semi-automate your shopping bids and fine-tune data feeds. Thanks to our algorithms we have Archimedes vision in or sights!

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Here, trust is the basis for mutual respect. Here, we communicate openly. Honesty is the way forward here – honestly. Be loyal! Be Hurra™!

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  • Development of a tailored online marketing strategy
  • Competent consultation on our performance-enhancing tech solutions
  • DFOPro™ set up and implementation
  • Optimisation of your campaigns with DFOPro™
  • 360° approach with the best marketing mix of search engine advertising and GDN
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas

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