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Display & Video 360

Keeping on top of your task list makes life so much easier. Ok, Display & Video 360 is unlikely to make your whole life easier, but it will make managing your display marketing campaigns a doddle. Not only can you create a wide variety of rich media ads, but also evaluate their performance thanks to integrated analysis tools. Everything you need for a successful display campaign, bundled in a single platform means great results with less effort. A bit easier, right?

Time is money

Efficient processes flows make administrative tasks faster leaving leaves more time for optimisation.

Safety first

With Google's industry-leading fraud protection and brand safety filter, you're always on the safe side.

Every customer counts

The Google Marketing Platform evaluates peoples browsing behaviour providing additional insight in to your target audiences.

Cleverly integrated

Banners can be created, managed and analysed in one central platform - process optimisation as it should be.

Display & Video 360

Why make things complicate when simplicity produces better results?

Can you be creative and efficient at the same time? With Display & Video 360, yes! Here you can create and manage your ads based on simple workflows, and all on one platform. This central control of management functions and creative processes ensure you have sustainably profitable campaigns.

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Core value #3: Be a team player

Here, you are a role model in the group and look after others. Lead and listen. That’s how the team becomes the key to success. That’s the only way to be Hurra™.

What our employees say

“When I applied for my apprenticeship at Hurra™, I had no idea how great and welcoming they would be and how much professional support I would receive. I owe them so much.”

Samuel Cornelius, Junior Online Marketing Manager (Office Stuttgart)

Water, caffeine and lots of vitamins

You won’t go thirsty at Hurra™ with our coffee and water flat rate, and for a vitamin boost we have regular deliveries of delicious fruit to keep us hydrated and healthy, and our brains in top working order – ready for any challenge!

Our services

  • Comprehensive and competent advice from our Display & Video 360 experts
  • Account setup within the Google Marketing Platform
  • Integration support during setup
  • Creation of banners
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas

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