Insightful numbers

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with real-time data and traffic analysis to help you better manage and develop your campaigns. This allows you to make the best data-driven and cross-device decisions for your band.

Precise targeting

Google Analytics delivers the data you need to discover who has the best potential to convert. Now you know where to target your ads for the best results.

Unified statistics

Google Analytics provides you with up-to-date and reliable data allowing you to make informed decisions.

Take the lead

Like a conductor, you can control and analyse all the individual data points until they are working in harmony together, creating a symphony of data.

Google Analytics

Targeting the right audience = a successful campaign

Similarly to you sending a letter or an email, in online marketing it is just as vital that you deliver your advertising message to the right recipients as only then can it be effective. Simple, right? With™ and Google Analytics you can find your target audience and precisely plan your marketing strategy. Thanks to our analytics experts you are in good hands when implementing your Google Analytics solution. We can also support you strategically so that together we can create the right mix of technology from the Google Marketing Platform and deliver results.

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Core value #10: Do something for everybody

If you work at Hurra™, you think about other people, society and the environment. Think about how to improve things around you and make the world a better place. Suggestions for improvements? Work for good causes? That’s typical Hurra™.

Our services

  • Comprehensive and expert advice from our Google Analytics experts
  • Setup of your Analytics account
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns
  • Training and workshops with individual areas of focus

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