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Google Marketing Platform

When cooking, two things are particularly important: high-quality ingredients and the right mix of seasoning. With the Google Marketing Platform, you can create gourmet online marketing by combining all the relevant datapoints: Reach for the stars by integrating market leading technology and high-end applications from Google for a perfectly baked mix of tools.

Simplicity a-la-Google

Many different functions but always an intuitive and simple to understand interface. Explore the practical world of the Google Marketing Platform.

Eliminate data discrepancies

One tool, one tracking: All channels managed in the Google Marketing Platform are tracked and analysed together removing tracking discrepancies.

Precise attribution

What happens if the same tag is implemented for all your channels? That's right, you don’t get duplicated conversions.

Google Marketing Platform

Target your products at the right audience

Which ad has the best CTR? Will my video reach the right audience? Which channel generates the most conversions? Question upon question, one answer: the Google Marketing Platform! With Google's online marketing solutions you control all channels, all KPIs, and gain insight in to which audiences are right for your products. Through close integration of marketing technologies and analysis tools, you can plan, buy, and optimise your advertising - all in one place.™ we’re happy to advise you on an individual strategy and show you how to get even more out of your campaigns.

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Core value #8: Think and act with a conscience

Here, it is completely normal to mind the costs and act in the long-term interests of the customer and the company. And to always think about what’s best for everyone and for Hurra™.

Our services

  • Comprehensive and expert advice from our Google Marketing Platform experts
  • Migration an/or implementation of your account
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas

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