SEMPro™ Search Account Optimiser

Radical efficiency

The SEMPro™ Search Account Optimiser automates the optimisation and structuring of your account meaning search experts have more time to focus more on the areas that deliver the best ROI, like strategic planning.

Time is money

Our automated optimisation tool helps save time that can be used to develop better strategies for increased returns.

Restructure the account

With a logical, clear account setup it’s easier to work more effectively. The SEMPro™ Search Account Optimiser makes restructuring quick and easy.

Reliable Data

The optimisation algorithms utilise data from your Google Ads account and can be integrated with SEMPro™ and OWAPro™ technology.

SEMPro™ Search Account Optimiser

Digital marketing goldrush

Just like gold mines, search accounts have the potential to deliver high yields. But beware, they also need to be well structured and maintained. The larger they are, the easier it is to lose your way - and before you know it, you’re lost in endless corridors and have little control over were to invest your energy. With our auto-optimisation technology, we map out the best, most profitable areas and ensure that effort is spent in the right place for the best results.

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“Being able to work with multiple clients from different areas and use various online marketing channels simultaneously inspires me to find new solutions. Also, the excellent team spirit here is something I must point out. There is support across departments and just a fabulous working atmosphere.”

Irina Klinova, Senior Online Marketing Manager (SEA)

Our services

  • Development of a tailored online marketing strategy
  • Competent and comprehensive consulting on performance-enhancing technology solutions
  • Set up of SEMPro™ tech.
  • Optimisation of your campaigns with SEMPro™ Search Account Optimiser
  • 360° approach for the best marketing mix
  • Training and workshops with individual focus areas

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