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Creative engineering from™. If you want to succeed in online marketing, not only do you need great ideas and their professional and effective implementation, but also the right software. Since 2002, our development team have programmed, tested and optimised individual reporting, innovative tracking solutions and other in-house technologies. By doing this in collaboration with our expert team of digital marketing specialists we have created a truly unique, interdisciplinary mix of hi-tech, intuitive technology.


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We use our technology every day to drive success for our clients, so we know how powerful it is in helping to manage and evaluate digital marketing campaigns.


Our applications allow GDPR-compliant profiling of people’s behaviour for use in areas like campaign management, data analysis and reporting.


Every brand has different challenges. That is why, in addition to our effective standard solutions, we also offer you customised software solutions and reports tailored to your needs.

Software development

The future begins now

At the Hurra™ Technology Centre, a whole department is assigned to working on one challenge: How can we use technology to improve campaign management and generate better results for our clients? It's a very successful team! The solutions they have developed, programmed and tested help evaluate and optimise online marketing campaigns for our clients, generating millions of dollars of revenue for our customers every day.

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We have a sensible work-life balance. We pay attention to physical fitness and mental fortitude. Remain agile and balanced in the long run. Remain Hurra™!

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  • Comprehensive and competent consulting on your individual software solutions
  • Setup of your account and linking to other interfaces
  • Training tailored to your needs
  • 360° Approach: Benefit from our extensive know-how in online marketing

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