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Amazon AMS and SEO

Amazon has become the second largest online search engine, only Google has more daily searches – and let’s be honest, who uses amazon menus to find products? We certainly don’t, and we doubt we’re alone here! This means that people on Amazon have an intent to make a purchase and you need to ensure you tap in to this. People are much lower in the conversion funnel on Amazon than, say, Google search. We can help you take advantage of the marketing opportunities on Amazon and boost your conversions.


SEO and PPC work together on Amazon to drive people to convert. Good search ad performance will improve your organic ranking.

A great investment

Advertising on Amazon is still great value - and yet extremely effective. Become an Amazon PPC pioneer and take advantage of the low competition.

Retargeting Reloaded

Dynamically retarget people that have looked at products you sell, regardless of whether they saw it on your product page, or your competition’s!

Search engine and marketplace

2-in-1: Amazon

It feels like a lifetime ago that amazon just sold books and in the meantime amazon marketplace has become its own micro-universe offering tools that you feel familiar to Google and others. There are two ways to get to the top of Amazon search results: First, the product listing page can be optimised from an SEO perspective to show your products at the top of organic search results. Additionally, you have the option of using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to display ads. Here you have the choice of attracting people’s attention with sponsored products (headline search ads shown prominently at the top of the results), display product ads shown under the competition's buy box, and classic retargeting banners. And it gets even better: Since Amazon earns commission on every sale, they have an interest in pushing the best performing products. That’s why there is a closer tie between PPC and SEO than, say, with Google. Good ad performance = good organic ranking. We can advise you on the best strategy and your first steps in the Amazon cosmos, with its wealth of possibilities.

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Our services

  • Strategic planning of a sustainable and holistic Amazon concept
  • Detailed SEO analysis of your Product Listing Pages
  • Individual and rule-based data feed optimisation as well as data enhancement in more than 25 languages
  • Creation of numerous device- and performance-oriented campaigns
  • Extensive testing of different betas and application of best practices
  • Advisory and technical support as well as on-going consultation
  • Use of market leading analysis and optimisation technologies

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