Intelligent use of search queries

Paid search (PPC)

We specialise in account set-up, testing, and optimising. From the first click right through to conversion, whether launching a new PPC campaign or doing daily optimisation, as a stand-alone service or as part of a 360° strategy: We are passionate about paid search!

Be relevant when relevant

PPC is a mutual give and take: the searcher is in control and dictates what she wants – and we help her find it thanks to keyword-optimised ads.

High quality ads

We’ll deliver the right message to your users to achieve the maximum return on investment for your creatives.

Flexibility and transparency

We work closely with you to ensure we manage your campaigns according to your requirements and goals.

Optimal optimisation

KPI analysis, AB testing and much more: Once set up, we never lose sight of your campaigns and run daily optimisation.

Individual PPC campaigns

Let’s get planning

A successful campaign starts with tactical planning tailored exactly to your needs. We take all possible parameters in to account and choose the right technology to reach your targets. Our experienced PPC consultants then coordinate the set-up of your campaigns working closely with our Online Marketing Managers who take on the task of optimisation and growth.

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WGV Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G.

Success stories

„Bereits seit einigen Jahren pflegen wir eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit der Hurra Communications GmbH im Bereich Search-Anzeigen. Diese ermöglicht es uns, jederzeit auf kompetente Ansprechpartner/-innen, die uns rund um die Themenfelder Google Ads und Bing beraten und auch bei der Umsetzung tatkräftig mitwirken, zurückzugreifen. So haben wir bei der Aussteuerung unserer Anzeigen stets das Gefühl gut betreut zu sein und freuen uns daher sehr, diese Zusammenarbeit auch zukünftig weiterführen zu dürfen.“

Torsten Widmann, Abteilungsdirektor Produktmanagement & Marketing/Kommunikation, Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G.

Our services

  • Campaign management by certified Consultants and Online Marketing managers with years of experience and in over 25 languages
  • As one of the largest independent PPC agencies in Europe, we have close relationships to the leading search engine providers.
  • Market leading mix of proprietary and 3rd party technology – AI/machine learning strategies, portfolio optimisation and advanced multi-level rules-based management.
  • Benefit by combining PPC with SEO, social media, affiliate and display

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