Success on Google Shopping

Product Feed Optimisation

Product ads stand out, that much is clear. But for your products to get a prominent ranking, you need one thing: a feed that is as accurate as possible. Thanks to our online experts and our innovative Hurra™ technology, you can easily meet the Google Shopping’s strict requirements of and get the most out of your campaigns. 

Quality control

There is always more you can do - especially when optimising a product feed. The requirements are strict, the standards are high. We check your feed using clever technology and manually too, if required.

High-end technology

Through use of our innovative technology platform you can count on the highest quality and standards when evaluating and optimising your feed.

Comprehensive support

Product feeds need constant monitoring and optimisation work. Only in this way can you be sure your feed continues to meet the constantly changing requirements. Let us support you with data-based recommendations, action steps, and innovative automation.

Product Feed Optimisation

Full control

How can I control when my ads are shown when this doesn’t depend on keywords or bidding? How can you best prepare and optimise feeds that contain of thousands of products? By relying on our expert support and sophisticated technology – we’ll take on the challenge! To be specific, success relies on the quality of the product feeds that are submitted to Google from where all relevant information is taken. These must be properly categorised, complete and up-to-date. Hurra™ does this multiple times a day and can support you competently and comprehensively with our successful mix of experienced experts and innovative software.

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Core value #4: Take responsibility

Here, we take responsibility for our actions and like taking the initiative. Here, you can be the boss and an employee at the same time. You have no time for excuses? Excellent! Be Hurra™!

What our employees say

“At Hurra™ the dynamics of everyday life impresses me most: every week new topics come up, new products and possibilities are tested, and new insights are gathered. In the process, everyone pulls together leading to an enormous transfer of knowledge!”

Philipp Schetter, Consultant (Social) (Office Stuttgart)

Core value #10: Do something for everybody

If you work at Hurra™, you think about other people, society and the environment. Think about how to improve things around you and make the world a better place. Suggestions for improvements? Work for good causes? That’s typical Hurra™!

Our services

  • Creation of an individual online marketing strategy
  • Competent advice on our performance-enhancing technology solutions
  • Optimise your campaign with our Data Feed Optimisation Tech.
  • 360° approach with the best marketing mix of paid search and GDN
  • Training sessions and workshops with a tailored focus

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