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Great value ad formats that can address specific audiences, promote your brand, and still be fun – does that exist? Sure! We’re not talking about some distant dream, but about social media marketing. With our help, you can quickly get started and speak to consumers where they want to spend their time online: on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap and LinkedIn.


Success stories

“Working with™ is characterised first and foremost by open, transparent and professional communication. The ability to access a large number of advertising channels and to link them in accordance with the respective objectives is crucial for successful cooperation. Whether it's a short-term local social media initiative or a global cross-media campaign,™ is always flexible, uncomplicated and professional.”

Daniel Wieland, Marketing Manager Retail, Shure Distribution GmbH

Our services

  • Creation and/or management of your social media accounts
  • Strategic planning and implementation of your social media marketing strategy
  • Optimisation, tracking and analysis of all campaigns
  • Expanding your social media activities with additional channels

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