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Advertising on Instagram

The social media platform with a nostalgic flair. With more than half a billion members sharing their images and stories, it’s been long proven that Instagram is more than just a fad – are you part of the story? Don’t get left behind, let pictures and videos speak for your brand!


People love stories - especially when they are emotional and captivating. Speak to your audience. Tell your story.


Communicate with millennials on their wavelength and visually and playfully build your brand’s image.


As beautiful as Insta stories are, in the end, hard facts count. It’s a good job we can measure all relevant KPIs!


Young, hip, trendy - that's Instragram

Ever since Instagram linked their marketing tools and data pools with Facebook, it has been the ideal platform for creatively picking up people in a positive, creative and playful environment. We can help you to build your brand presence on Instagram, to design and implement individual strategies, and to utilise the possibilities of this now huge social network, so popular with young audiences.

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Core value #4: Take responsibility

Here, we take responsibility for our actions and like taking the initiative. Here, you can be the boss and an employee at the same time. You have no time for excuses? Excellent! Be Hurra™!

Our services

  • Strategy conception and planning
  • Implementation and campaign management
  • Optimisation based on technology driven analysis
  • Reporting and strategic consulting

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