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Advertising on LinkedIn

INspirational: More than 500 million people in over 200 countries manage their business relationships via LinkedIn - and the trend is growing. The network for professionals is not just a job portal, but offers enormous marketing potential from a business perspective. INnovative: LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and been developed in to combination of the largest community of professionals and a successful audience network. So how can you utilise this for your brand? We’ll provide you with the answers!

Create INterest

Whether sponsored content, text ads or sponsored inMail – we’ll ensure you use the optimal ad formats for your marketing strategy.

INternational networking

With campaigns on LinkedIn you can address users worldwide. Luckily for you, at Hurra™ we speak more than 25 languages.

Address INdividual audiences

B2B? Great, your targeted ads perform even better in LinkedIn's business environment.

Perfectly linked in

INitiate your LinkedIn strategy with Hurra™

Smart Advertising: With LinkedIn, you can develop your business profile in a variety of ways. Our Hurra™ experts are here to help. After all, brand marketing and employer branding are just as much a part of our LinkedIn strategies as lead generation. INtelligent connections: We’ll advise you on the opportunities that arise by combining the Search and Audience networks, and then set up successful campaigns for you, evaluating them as we go using clever technology. With our close working relationship with Microsoft we are ideally positioned you link your brand in to the social network.

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What our employees say

“Working at Hurra™ has given me such an exciting professional life and ongoing learning in online marketing. The agencies international orientation provides great insight into the latest market and technology developments from around the world. The variety of partnerships and customers offers a wide range of opportunities to implement new ideas quickly and effectively.”

Igor Fedorchak, Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Our services

  • Planning your individual LinkedIn marketing strategy

  • Setting up your campaigns
  • Creation of ad texts and advertising banners
  • Campaign analysis and optimisation

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