Advertising on Xing

Targeted social advertising

With over 11 million employees and job seekers, Xing has been one of the most popular B2B networks in the DACH region for years, offering a huge potential for brands to run successful marketing campaigns. Our experts will help you to exploit that potential based on your campaign goals and ensure your brand is optimally positioned.

All under one roof

Our experts are ready to manage your marketing strategy using a wide variety of channels and formats in the German-speaking DACH region.

You decide who sees your ads

Xing advertising campaigns can be precisely targeted to the most relevant audiences.  Auf wiedersehen wasted impressions.

Market events

Keep Xing users informed up-to-date on your latest brand evens, shows and appearances.

Strategic Remarketing

Re-engage users who have shown interest in your brand and further refine your business network.

Strategic advertising

What do advertising and employees have in common? They both have to fit to the companies culture.

Xing is great for recruiting new talent - but it can be used for so much more! Strengthen your brand and build relationships with a sophisticated Xing marketing strategy. Product, job, event ads? Banners or text? They’re all possible in Xing! Regardless of your advertising goals, our Hurra™ experts have the right strategy for you.

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Core value #5: Give it your all

That’s why we take it for granted that we give our all in everything we do and we do it wholeheartedly. Our customers deserve all of our best, all of the time. Because that is the only way forward for us all. That’s the only way to be Hurra™.

Our services

  • Planning your individual Xing marketing strategy
  • Campaign setup
  • Ad text and banner creation
  • Analysis and optimisation of your campaigns

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