Because every touchpoint counts

Attribution: Credit where credit‘s due

When it comes to conversions, more often than not, last click is still given all the credit. In today’s complex world, this is not a fair reflection of the real value of other touchpoints in the customer journey. A data-driven attribution model takes a holistic view of your data and is able to factor in all touchpoints and user interactions on the path to conversion, giving each a value that reflects its true impact.

Detailed analysis

Touchpoint for Touchpoint, we closely examine the customer journey and highlight important insights for your strategy.

Dynamically assigned

The online marketing industry is always on the move, so our dynamic attribution model never stands still, adapting to ever-changing circumstances.

Technical experts

Do you prefer a simple or a dynamic attribution model? In both cases, we are happy to assist you with our technical expertise.

Beat the competition

Attribution with™

The path to conversion is like a marathon: Stamina and endurance are vital. And it’s not just about the final sprint, the entire distance needs careful planning. Likewise, digital marketing is not all about the last click. So what’s the solution? Attributing a value to each channel based on its contribution. This is how our technology works; assessing the importance of each contributing channel and then based on this, we build you a strategy that brings value through the entire customer journey.

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Core value #5: Give it your all

That’s why we take it for granted that we give our all in everything we do and we do it wholeheartedly. Our customers deserve all of our best, all of the time. Because that is the only way forward for us all. That’s the only way to be Hurra™.

Our services

  • Conception and implementation of your individual attribution model
  • Technical contact to guide you through the entire process
  • Constant analysis of results and conception of dynamic marketing strategies
  • In-depth analysis and data insights based on market leading technology
  • Access to our data scientists

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