Yin and Yang of Online Marketing

Brand and Performance

Brand and performance channels are interconnected and work hand in hand towards the same goal. The key to success is finding the optimal media mix, bringing branding and performance together in one joined-up strategy. For example, TV advertising becomes more effective when digitally extended with related display or search ads. This creates measurable interactions and allow us to forecast your future successes and support you with well-founded strategy recommendations.

Branding campaigns

Strong brands need a strong web presence! With our help you’ll increase brand awareness and generate greater trust in your products.

TV Connected Campaigns

Bridge the gap between TV and digital advertising: Combine the reach of TV with effective display retargeting or search campaigns.

Performance Campaigns

It’s all about results. That's why we closely monitor your performance campaigns and optimise them based on detailed analysis.

Planning is everything

Whether branding or performance: We’re on your side and accompany you through the conception, planning and execution of your campaign strategy.

Branding and Performance with Hurra™

Step by Step to Conversion

Unlike chess, online marketing is anything but black and white, but no less complex. To avoid checkmate, your campaigns need to have a sophisticated and perfectly coordinated strategy that takes both branding and performance in to account. Let us join your game and work side-by-side with our marketing champions!

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Success stories

"While looking for support in our performance marketing activities, we came across hurra.com™ and made exactly the right choice when we decided to work with them. The cross-channel support of our SEA, SEO and social media ads measures, as well as the customer-oriented service, have brought us a long way forward in our online marketing goals."

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Our services

  • Developing a custom online marketing strategy
  • The best marketing mix of search engine advertising, display, programmatic, social media ads, etc.
  • Performance enhancing technology solutions

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