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Since 1998 our online marketing experts have been analysing, optimising and testing in over 25 languages, across three locations: Stuttgart, Cracow and Moscow. With our unique combination of performance marketing and product development our long list of satisfied clients and awards received from our partners shows that we drive real value and deliver results across multiple verticals.

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From search engine marketing via display to social media: we’ll support you in all areas of online marketing! There’s a strategy for Google, Facebook and Co. that will work for your business - and together we’ll find it! We have the creative ideas and experience to realise them, as well as top online marketing expertise. The only thing missing is you!


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Want to know more about us and our services? Are you looking for a reliable partner with whom you can master the challenges of online marketing together? Would you like to work together with a technology provider that stands side-by-side with you, delivering powerful and reliable tools and know-how? Then contact us now, we’d love to hear more about your challenges!

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Hurra Communications GmbH
Lautenschlagerstraße 23a
70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 711 459994-0


Hurra Communications Sp. z o.o.
ul. Włóczków 7
30-103 Kraków

Tel: +48 12 427 95-71


Hurra Communications LLC
Россия,Москва, 107078
Новорязанская ул. д. 18, стр. 3

Tel: +7 495 646 84-45

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