Have you snapped today?

Snapchat Advertising

Interactive, creative, entertaining - Snapchat has turned the social media world on its head with its unique concept! It’s secret: Snaps are all about a single moment! This gives you something other marketing channels can’t – people’s full attention.

Marketing for the eye

Snapchat is not about comments or shares, instead, you can promote your brand and products with filters and lenses.

Feed the fire

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, your snaps are only seen by your followers so the interest in your ads will be high!

Strategic targeting

Age or location? With Snapchat you can dive into detail. The over 300 predefined audiences are just the start.

Ads that are fun

Reinventing classic digital marketing: With Snap ads shown in full-screen format, you’re guaranteed the undivided attention of viewers.

Advertising of tomorrow

Snapchat has brought a breath of fresh air into the social media world

Already on the fast track in the USA, and with Europe not far behind: Snapchat is popular with Millennials like never before and has incredible potential. It's best to expand your marketing portfolio around the trendy network today and gain a head start over the competition. We’re happy to assist you in developing a winning strategy. We can be just as spontaneous and creative as Snapchat!

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Core value #3: Be a team player

Here, you are a role model in the group and look after others. Lead and listen. That’s how the team becomes the key to success. That’s the only way to be Hurra™.

What our employees say

“As a SEA Consultant at Hurra™, I really feel like every client and challenges are real opportunities for me to learn and grow as a digital expert. It's also a great chance to work with passionate colleagues.“

Nkit Nsasola Mbock Mbok, SEA Consultant (SEA/Datafeed) (Office Paris)

Core value #9: Be true and honest

At Hurra™ you are real and authentic and stand up for what you believe. We don’t pull the wool over other people’s eyes and we call a spade a spade. Be authentic! Be Hurra™.

Our services

  • Strategy conception and planning
  • Building your Snapchat account
  • Implementation and campaign management
  • Optimisation based on technology driven analysis
  • Reporting and strategic consulting

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